Bedřich Smetana
Two Widows

Emanuel Züngel

Orchestra, Ballet and Choir of the National Theatre Opera

František Preisler

Karolína: Zdena Kloubová, Anežka: Pavla Aunická
Ladislav: Miroslav Švejda, Mumlal: Bohuslav Maršík

stage director: Jana Kališová
stage designer: Miloň Kališ
costume designer: Jan Růžička
choirmaster: Milan Malý

live on 20th June 1996, the National Theatre, Prague

Bedřich Smetana: Two Widows

The libretto of this opera is derived from a French comedy by Félicien Mallefille dating from 1860. The Two Widows were described as the first Czech drawing-room comic opera. According to Smetana’s own words, he attempted to write an opera using a text and musical style that would combine drawing-room elegance with the gentility and nobility of music. He also added Czech local colour. Behind the comical elements, there is a strong and emotional story of self-recognition and true love.

director: Tomáš Šimerda
time: 132 min.