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Adieu Mozart

A new documentary film devoted to W.A.Mozart and Prague

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The film, full of authentic details, attractive settings and wonderful music, is more than a documentary. It is a burning flame, an entrancing narration that presents the less famous part of the life and art of a musical genius who raved on a stage in Prague: “My Praguers understand me!”

A strong and emotional story of his visits in Prague is narrated by Mozart´s friend, a star among European concert singers, Josepha Duschek.

It was Josepha Duschek who initiated Mozart´s invitation to Prague.

The Prague of 1787 gave Mozart a grand welcome. He wrote about it: “People here talk of nothing else but Figaro, nothing else is played, trumpeted, sung and whistled but Figaro, no other opera is frequented but Figaro!”

In Prague Mozart himself conducted the premiere of Symphony in D major, which entered music history as “Prague Symphony” in the Estates Theatre.

At Josepha Duschek´s summerhouse Bertramka the night before the premiere of Don Giovanni Mozart wrote the legendary 292 bars of the overture to the opera of operas. The premiere met with great acclaim.

On the occasion of the coronation of Leopold II the opera La clemenza di Tito was premiered in Prague.

The relation between Mozart and Josepha was crowned by the aria that Mozart dedicated to her: “Bella mia fiamma, addio” – Farewell, my beautiful flame.

Prague was the only city that gave the deceased Mozart a worthy farewell. Over four thousand Prague citizens came to honour the memory of Mozart.

The script writer Zdenek Mahler is a renowned musicologist and author, who had participated in the making of Milos Forman´s Amadeus. For the director Martin Suchanek it has been another fruitful cooperation with BVA after the internationally acclaimed documentaries Antonin Dvorak - Deo Gratias, Ecce Homo Bedrich Smetana and Vaclav Talich - Confidence and Humility.

Screenplay: Zdenek Mahler
Director: Martin Suchanek
Camera: Richard Spur
Duration: 47 min.


Download the quotes from the script [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Download the trailer: Low quality [WMV, 19.5 MB], High quality [WMV, 36 MB]