Václav Neumann
Life of a Conductor

It is not necessary to introduce Václav Neumann. His name and work is well known - he was a co-founder of the Smetana Quartet, a viola player in the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, a conductor of Prague Symphony Orchestra, then in Leipzig and Berlin, and then chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, where he stayed for 22 fruitful years (1968-1990).

But do we really know him well? The documentary allows us to hear Maestro’s own thoughts, ideas and memories as well as recollections of his closest friends, collaborators, colleagues and people who used to meet him in everyday life. The interviews are illustrated by unique archival footage and photographs from his professional and private life. They will mediate for us the personality of a man of exceptional talent, a man of firm character as well as ordinary human qualities, who left us in September 1995, but whose mark in international music shall remain indelible.

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Václav Neumann - Life of a Conductor

director: Radovan Urban
time: 53 min.